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Is HIV/AIDS curable? How soon will a person usually die after he is infected with HIV virus

Is HIV/AIDS curable? How soon will a person usually die after he is infected with HIV virus?

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According to South Park injecting around 100,000 dollars cash directly into the bloodstream can cure aids, other wise no there is no cure, and what does matter is how much drugs you can afford to combat the disease, probably 10 years minimum but in some cases like magic johnson hes still going after 30 plus years
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HIV is not curable. But there are very good drugs available meaning that the life expectancy has dramatically increased and many HIV patients are living into old age.
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Ok lets get a few things clear first - HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is that actual virus that gets into the body and infects the person. AIDS (aquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is the disease which is eventually caused by HIV. Someone who is infected with HIV can live for many months or even years without developing AIDS, and thus they're usual pretty symptom free. Once AIDS has been developed the person usually starts showing symptoms. From then its a gradual deterioration over months or years until they die. The nature of AIDS is its affects on the immune system. So many people suffering from AIDS die from infections that the body cannot fight, because the immune system has been destroyed. HIV/AIDS is not curable. The reason for this is that the virus constantly 'hides' from the immune system, so unlike other viruses, the body cannot combat it. Hope this helps x Edit: Ok Darin - thank you for giving me the thumbs down. I am aware of how the HIV virus acts in the body. But as a nurse I didn't think it was appropriate to go into virology and replication with someone who perhaps has no clue about it. I use my own methods to explain illnesses to patients, and you use yours. Thanks.
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Scientists have not found the cure for AIDS yet but about three weeks ago there was report from Germany that said that a guy who had AIDS for more than a decade got cured with a bone marrow transplant. He needed the transplant because he also had leukemia. They are not sure if the AIDS virus will come back but for now there is no sign of the virus being in his body. Just google bone marrow cures aids
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There are cases where people have cleared the virus using different combinations of drugs. some antiviral drugs have been effective against it
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Not curable at all, treatable if your rich as hell!
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It is treatable, but there is no cure. Untreated HIV you can live 10-12 years if you haven't developed full blown AIDS. Once you reach that stage, you are prone to opportunistic infections like pcp pneumonia, various cancers, ect. The best treatment available is protease inhibitors that can bring down the viral load, while helping your C4 count come back up. Normal c4 count is 1500. If your under 200, you have AIDS.No treatment and you can die within months. With treatment, you can live a normal life for many years. There are side effects to the drugs, and if you don't take them properly, you can become resistant to them. Estimates are 6 years life expectancy if you have full blown AIDS with treatment, but that number climbs every year. More people are living longer with AIDS that they usually die of contributing diseases like lung cancer and cardiac arrest. I hope this helps. Update: Ok the virus doesn't "hide" from the immune system like someone on here said. The virus replicates itself by invading c4 cells and using their DNA to produce copies of themselves. Also, you don't have to be rich as hell to have treatment. Medicaid and Insurance Carriers have made the drugs very affordable. Be carefull about some of the answers you read on here. Update: Yes, the bone marrow patient shows no sign of the AIDS virus at all. That is because he recieved a marrow transplant from a match that had a genetic predisposition to HIV. 1 in 100 Euoropean blooded people carry this gene. Finding a doner match with that predisposition was a 1 in 1000 chance. So don't put your hopes on that. The good news is it opens doors for genetic studies to combat HIV/AIDS
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For those people saying there is No cure , remember the case of Magic Johnson .If he got better everyone can. There are many cures reported but somehow do not make front page news. HIV treatment has been described and there were legal battles over this . A person should not die if he does all the right thins including a proper diet. Also try to learn the cause of the aids virus as reported in London Times.
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Hi there i believe in right in saying aids it self dose not kill you it is normally a cold or chest infection which kills you because hiv/aids destroys your immune system and leaves you vulnerable to illnesses, e.g. colds but as of yet there is only drugs which can keep the virus at bay but not complete remove it, but we will never know what tommrow brings in adavances to medcin
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There is no cure for HIV/AIDS, If someone could cure the virus, that person would be a millionaire. I do feel bad for people who have this disease.
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no hiv is not curable. If you are around 20 years old, and your in good health and taking all your medications, then you are expected to live to be 67.. all we can do is prey that a cure will be found
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first off, some of these answers area little wacky. Second off, no one really knows how long you will live after getting the virus. I just found out in April I had HIV. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and both my son and my husband are negative. I got very, very lucky with my strand of the virus. I have a clean strand so I have all of the different medications to choose from to use. Then, other than the virus I have no other health problems, I am also showing a very strong resistance to the virus. I was just taken off of medication and for the last month my Tcells have stayed at 600 and my viral load was only 1500. When I was tested back in April I had the virus for at least 6 years and my viral load was only 1800. With that said, my Dr. said I may be able to go 10-15 years without medication. He also said that he could see me living another 30 to 40 years (I am 24 now). Studies have shown that people in my situation have a life expectancy of 69 years. However, that doesn't guarantee that everything is going to go as planned. Something could happen and I very well could die a month from now. There are people who are not as lucky and get some mutant strand that is resistant to all drugs and is fast acting. In those cases they could die quickly. I read a story about a man who got AIDS (not HIV) in the 80's. His strand is resistant to all of the medications, but he is still alive today. As for the cure, there really isn't one. My oldest brother did see the story on that man who had the bone marrow transplant though. I did some reading and I know there was a test done with bone marrow back in about 95' and only a small percentage of people showed to have the virus eradicated from their system. But for the most part, it didn't work. My brother said that the researchers think that if you are highly resistant to the virus then the procedure "might" work but, they really are not sure. Could it be a possible cure? Maybe. It might be years before we know for sure. The end result is HIV is not curable, but it isn't the death sentence it once was. People can live long an healthy lives and die of old age. I think the longest living person with HIV is a lady who it in her 80's and still alive today. *Edit* BTW, the pills for treating HIV are expensive, but if you have good medical insurance then it really isn't that expensive. I took Kaletra and Combivir and for a 3 month supply they would have cost about $3,000. But I paid $20 for a 3 month supply. Not to mention, if you live in the US each state has a program to help people who can't afford HIV medication.
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No it s not. It depends, how soon the person finds out they are HIV+ and starts on medications. If the person takes good care of them self they can live a normal life expectancy.

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